20 Minutes to work up to a 3 rep max Dead Lift

800m run buy-in then:

21-15-9 rep rounds
DL @ 155/250lbs
Toes To Bar

50 Double-under cash out

7 thoughts on “WOD Thursday 16JUN11

  • Bobby

    14:30 It was harder than I expected. Great workout and alot of effort put out by the 6:30 class this morning.


    12:48 I think. I almost fell out of my car when I got to work. STIFF!!!!! The 6:30 class has some heavy dead lifters in it. Good job by everyone this morning.

  • Brittany

    15:13…if I remember right. Great job this morning!!

  • Randy Vest

    Good job today Crossfitters. Your determination and hard work is what fuels us to push you to your limit. Never settle for less. 10 seconds left on the clock equals ten additional seconds to improve.

  • bryan

    Great job today guys… Jonathan, I had no idea that the beast I saw tonight was in there! That was an outstanding effort. I can’t remember exactly what my time was this morning, but I think it was 11:39 with 255 on the DL.

  • Luke

    Jonathan that was an epic WOD!

  • Shawn

    345# on the deadlift. 13:47 @ 225 for the WOD. Glad the weekend is approaching cause I’m smoked.

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