Double under practice for 15 minutes


50-40-30-20-10 rep rounds
Double -unders

7 thoughts to “WOD Wednesday 22JUN11

  • Taylor Headley

    10:11 – Couldn’t get a good situp rhthym going 🙁 It’s funny how fast you lose ground when your not working out. Give me a month, and I’ll be back in the swing of it. I’m coming for you Kieffer!!

  • Brittany

    15:28 – Row 500,400,300,200,100 instead of double unders. Killer shin splints!! Still got in a great workout!

  • Luke



    I am still trying to become proficient at DU’s. Everyone showed great effort this morning! Good workout.

  • bryan

    Taylor… If your chasing me, it’ll be a short run man…. DUs… not my favorite. 7:21 as RX’d

  • Randy Vest

    DU’s definitely need some work here too. I blame it on being bow-legged. Everyone did great though. 7:22 RX’d.

  • Shawn

    13:46 rx’d. I curse the double under.

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