This is what the 1000 a.m. group saw on the board this morning!

Skill work

20 minutes of rope climbing

5 Rounds for time:
2 Rope assents
10 ring dips
10 DL @ 135lbs


4 thoughts on “WOD Saturday 25JUN11

  • bryan

    Great job this morning guys!! Josh, great work on the Rope! Nutts took me 18:02 as RX’d

  • Randy Vest

    Going to have to dig deep to find a Hero WOD for next Saturday to top today’s. It was definitely “Nutts”. Good choice Bryan…and I did see the “bring it” stare when we faced off on the 15 DLs. 20:54 RX’d. Good job Crossfitters.

  • Stuart

    26:09, you guys really are the best. Thanks for the support guys. I am getting there.

    • Josh Wilcoxson

      Stuart, you did great man!

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