Forgive the camera work…

20 Minutes of kipping pull-up practice

21-15-9 rep rounds of :
Thrusters (95/65)

7 thoughts on “WOD Monday 11JUL11

  • Taylor Headley

    7:49 – as Rx’d

  • Bryan

    Just as bad as I remember… RX’d 2:42

  • Brittany

    10:26 55lb bar, bands for pull-ups

  • Dustin

    don’t be too hard on him sir, 9:15 was my time today….

  • Scott

    8:46 “not a very good bench-mark” I got lazy on the thrusters. My form went to crap which put me on my toes and zapped my energy. Gotta learn from this one.

  • Stuart

    4:50 as RX’d.

  • Randy Vest

    Fran… I would not wear the shirt if it were not true. I love you. 2:55 RX’d.

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