CFNS Team WOD group








Team WOD
800M run (as a team)
50 power cleans 75/115
1 rope climbs
40 power cleans 75/115
2 rope climbs
30 power cleans 75/115
3 rope climbs
20power cleans 75/115
4 rope climbs
10 power clean 75/115
5 rope climb
Finish with 100 burpees

Only 1 athlete can be working at a time.


Congrats to team 2 (Matt C, Vicki, Leslie, Luke, and Josh)

One thought on “WOD Saturday 13August11

  • Josh Wilcoxson

    Great job this morning guys, everyone did amazing! Absolutely LOVE Crossfit Natural State. CFNS vs. CF870….hmmm, sounds good.

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