Starting this Wednesday April 4th we will be holding a Skill and Technique class at 6:30pm every other Wednesday night. This week is muscle-ups. There will be a new class every other Wednesday and you will be required to sign-up at least 24hrs prior. There will be no workout and it will be a time to learn and or perfect new skills. Sign-up sheets will be located next to the main whiteboard. On the alternating Wednesdays it will be time for you to come in and work on your technique. There will be NO WODs at this time and the Gym will be open for practice until 7:30pm. Also starting this week, the 6:30pm Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday class will be a different WOD. There is no required sign-up for this class this week, but starting April 9th this class time will also have a sign-up sheet next to the main whiteboard. These WODs will be more conditioning bodyweight style metcons. They will have no time limit and the class will follow a very strict timeline.

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