We have the best community around, so I need you to help me with a few things.  We are primarily concerned about your fitness and safety.  We want you to end your workout everyday feeling fatigued, accomplished, and safe.  This includes the safety of your children.

We know that CrossFit is a stress relief for many of you, but that does not mean your children become someone else’s responsibility once you walk through our front door. Our trainers’ role/responsibility is not to babysit or discipline your children. Our trainers are here to teach CrossFit classes. We are a great community but do not come to the gym expecting another member to watch your children if you have not previously coordinated that with them. They are here to work out as well.  It’s irresponsible, selfish, and rude. We have a children’s room that is specifically for YOUR children.  We have a children’s class that is specifically for YOUR children.  We do not offer child care nor have we ever. The trainers are not responsible for the children during classes.

We don’t want our athletes to get hurt and we also do not want your children to get hurt. But, we have a responsibility to all members.  If a trainer is dealing with a situation involving your children they are being removed from training the class.  When your children are present YOU must ensure that they follow these rules:

CrossFit Natural State rules for children at the Gym:

1. They are YOUR children at all times and you are responsible for them no matter what!
2. Children are not allowed on the floor or on the equipment before or during classes unsupervised.  They are only allowed to use the equipment while attending the CFNS CrossFit Kid’s class.
3. The children CAN sit in car seats or strollers that you have brought on the outer edge of the floor in a safe location.
4. If your children get anything out or make any messes the parents are responsible for returning the gym back to its original state.
5. Children are only allowed to play outside in the back area of the parking lot where there is no parking.  This is for their safety.
6. Children are not allowed to run through the main workout area to get in and out of the gym.
7. Children are never allowed in the lifting/strength area.
8. All children must adhere to rules and requests established by CFNS trainers.

If at any time these rules are not followed the parent must attend to the children.  Remember that the trainers are here for everyone in the class, not just you.  You made the life choice to have these children now you must deal with them.  Trainers have the option to ask parents with unruly children to leave at anytime.  If there are any questions talk to Luke.

Finally I’d like to mention that we also have some very responsible parents who bring their children every day and it’s a pleasure to deal with these parents and these behaved children. To those parents we would like to say thank you for being a parent, not a participant.



Bench Press
3 Sets of 5 Reps @ 75% of Max

3 Sets of 5 Reps @ 75% of Max

AmRep on last set.