62774_10151127824157706_1611875107_nI began CrossFit in December 2011 and since starting I have improved my all over fitness. I was first introduced to CrossFit by Bryan Kieffer. My first workout was Elizabeth, 21-15-9reps of power cleans and ring dips. There was a ten minute cap to complete the work so I scaled the weight to 115lbs and scaled the ring dips to bench dips. I never experienced a workout like this, I finished rep 7 on the 15 set of cleans as soon as I hit the 10 minute cap. As soon as I was finished and recovered, I knew that I was hooked. A workout that was fun and intense. This is what I had been looking for since playing sports in High School.
I have been CrossFitting for over two years now, and I am in the best shape of my life. I continue to set personal records, lift more, and run faster than I have my entire life. One of my favorite parts of CrossFit is the weightlifting. I love to clean and snatch. These are movements that many feel are complicated, but with dedication and practice anyone can get better. I love taking an athlete that can barely squat to catching a snatch over their head.
I have competed in the CrossFit Open twice and a team competition “Wod Wars” in Springdale, Arkansas.
Training philosophy: Focus on getting faster and stronger, eat for your health and your body will catch up.

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I can be contacted by phone 1-870-926-1992 or dalton@crossfit-naturalstate.com