WOD Friday 12July13

7 minute AMRAP:


7 minute AMRAP:
12 Pull-ups
12 Ring dips (if unable to do them with out a band, use a bench/box)

WOD Thursday 11July13

3 x 500m Row

All out effort on each one… no pacing!

WOD Wednesday 10July13

For time:
50 bar over burpees
40 pull-ups
30 Wall-ball shots
20 squat cleans @ 135/95
10 push-press @ 135/95
Sprint to gate and back

Male and female WB target is 10 feet.

18 minute time cap, so scale if needed!

WOD Tuesday 9July13

For time:

Run 1 mile
30 Back ext
Run 1 mile

WOD Monday 8July13



WOD Saturday 06July13

Team WOD at 9 and kids class at 10!!

WOD Friday 05July13


75 Power Snatch for time!!

Guys use 75 and ladies use 55.

WOD Thursday 04July13

Class times for the 4th are 0600, 0900, 1200, and 1630 at the box.

The WOD is a surprise………

Don’t forget the 4th Family Fun starts at 7:00pm at the box.



If you’re not here and have access to some water you can knock out this WOD with family and friends.

One minute rest between 100s:
10 x 100 meters swim
Record average 100-meter time.

WOD Wednesday 03July13


150 WB shots for time.
Guys use 20lbs and ladies use 14lbs…. Everyone uses the 10 foot mark!