Personal Training
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Want to lose weight? Flatten your belly? Get rid of that muffin top?
Want to gain muscle? Increase endurance? Prepare for a competition?
Would you like to just feel better in your own skin and increase your confidence?
Whatever your reasons, we have certified trainers that will help you stay accountable and reach your goals.

If group classes aren’t for you, we offer personalized training courses. There are times when one-on-one attention from a professionally certified Personal Trainer is extremely beneficial and what is needed to help you reach your desired health and fitness goals.

We will customize your strength and condition program so that every workout is specifically geared and personalized to you. We will educate you on proper technique, nutrition, and other habits that will bring you to success, and most importantly, we will hold you accountable. We truly care and will do whatever it takes to ensure that you accomplish extraordinary results!
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How it works?
• You get a FREE 30 min fitness assessment with a certified trainer.
• Discuss fitness goals
• Healthy eating tips
• Before/after measurements
• You also get a free 30 min personal training session


Personal Training 1/Week:  3 Month Commitment  Limited:  4 Times per Month

Personal Training 2/Week:  3 Month Commitment  Limited:  8 Times per Month

Personal Training 3/Week:  3 Month Commitment  Limited:  12 Times per Month


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We will either convince you that you’re worth it or you will convince yourself you’re not.