Ryan Whitlock

He started at CrossFit Natural State in January of 2020 and has been putting in some WORK!! Congrats on this huge accomplishment. We couldn’t be MORE proud of you and the results you’ve earner so far.

90 Day Challenge Results!

For 90 days, Hal Skinner and Vanna Headley committed to attending as many CrossFit classes as possible and only eating a custom meal plan from Twisted Foods. Here are their results and story behind the journey!>>

Hal Skinner

What was the most difficult part of this Challenge?  Most difficult was ignoring the cravings early on and not eating junk when out with friends.

How do you feel about your results?  I am happy with the results. This is just the beginning though and there is still work to be done

How did having a custom meal Plan from Twisted Foods effect your success? The meal plan from Twisted food helped make it quick and easy to eat. I didn’t have to think about what’s for lunch, it was already in a box in the fridge and in 90 seconds…lunch was ready

How did attending CrossFit Natural State effect your success? The gym helped me accelerate muscle building and helped with the cardio! Plus I found friends that genuinely rooted for me and pushed me to get better both at the gym and in nutrition!

What would you say to others that want this type of success for themselves? The tag line “if I can do it, you can do it”….it’s true. Put your fear aside and do something to change your life. It will be worth it. No time like right now!!!!

Vanna Headley

What was the most difficult part of this Challenge? The new nutrition plan through Twisted was tough at first but once I got used to it, it became second nature. The most difficult part for me was just consistently making the time to get my butt to the gym! I wasn’t in the gym 6-7 days a week. A couple weeks I only made it in twice/week!  Most weeks I hit 3-4 days/week and those were the weeks I saw the most progress! Making the time was so difficult but I committed and made it happen!

How do you feel about your results? I’M ECSTATIC! I complained a lot, I missed pizza, I was SICK of chicken & egg whites after a while but it was absolutely worth it! 90 days is NOTHING compared to the confidence and health I’ve gained by losing this weight! The routine I’ve built is a HUGE part too! I’ll definitely smash a pizza this weekend but I won’t go back to my old routine of just eating what ever makes me happy at the time. Food should be there to FUEL our bodies, not FILL our bodies!

How did having a custom meal Plan from Twisted Foods effect your success? It really taught me how little food I needed! I was definitely an overeater. I didn’t even necessarily eat bad food all the time. Even healthy foods, I would over eat. The right portions of the right foods for my body was a game changer in this process!

How did attending CrossFit Natural State effect your success? I am serious when I say I couldn’t have been this successful without the coaches and members at Natural State. I don’t know how many times I walked into the gym feeling frustrated but I would hear encouragement from someone and it just lifted my spirits and renewed my drive to do this!

What would you say to others that want this type of success for themselves? DON’T SAY YOU DON’T HAVE TIME! I thought: I’m a busy mom that barely has time to take care of my kids, husband, home and work responsibilities let alone focus on my own health and wellness. THAT CHANGED! I made myself a priority and committed to getting this done! If I can have a full time job, run a business, keep two little rowdy boys alive and thriving, take care of my home and husband AND get FIT, then so can you!

Mandy Trotter

“Most of you know I started my CrossFit journey back in September. My schedule is finally letting up a little so that I can go more often again but I’m so happy with the results. For ppl who think CrossFit is too extreme for them… I’m here to tell you it’s not!! It’s been my saving grace!! No more lower back injections, no more pain meds and it’s all because I’ve strengthened those muscles. I may complain about being sore but I’d rather be sore and live life in the picture on the right and I hope to never go back to that girl on the left. Consistency is key!!#girlswholift #crossfitchick #muscleisbeauty#healthyliving #motivated #NSSC” -Mandy Trotter


 “In March 2016, I decided to change my life around and start eating healthy and going to the gym. (190 lbs at the time) I went 6 times/week and ate healthy for the most part. 1 year later I lost weight & gained muscle but the gym started to be boring so I decided to try CrossFit. I registered for the free class, showed up & was so impressed with how friendly the people were. The coach, Judd, was awesome & went through the workout with me. Since that day, I’ve never looked back and I lost another 10lbs. CrossFit helped me more mentally than it did physically. It showed me what I’m capable of doing. I would like to thank all the coaches and people who work out there for cheering me on and encouraging me to bring out the best in myself. If you’ve never tried CrossFit, give it a shot! It’ll never get boring and you’re only going to get better. “ -Hasan Mahdi (NSSC member)

Debbie Dockens SHOUTOUT to member, Debbie Dockens! Debbie joined 2 months ago and thought there was no way she could jump onto a 20 inch box. Yesterday, she accomplished that for the first time and did it 30 times in a workout! CrossFit has it’s way of doing that for you. The constant variance of functional movements combined with the encouraging and supportive community will bring out the best in you and show you just what your body is capable of doing! Congratulations Debbie and thanks for being an inspiration! (August 2017)

JULIE MEEKS “This transformation speaks for itself! It shows hard work, dedication, and the determination to not let anyone tell you “you can’t do this!” I wanted to write Julie’s transformation story because I am so proud of my big sis and because I was the one telling her “you can’t do this” BUT like any big sister would do, she proved me WRONG! She has the heart and the drive to better herself everyday and to keep going no matter how bad she wants to stop! I knew when she started CrossFit that I would be there to teach her and guide her along the way (even though most of my responses came with an eye roll or a sarcastic response😂) but I never realized just how much she would be the one teaching me along the way and reminding me to NEVER GIVE UP and to NEVER LET ANYONE TELL YOU YOU’RE NOT GOOD ENOUGH! Julie has worked her butt off (literally) since day one of walking through the CFNS doors a year and a half ago and she has not slowed down yet! As the little sister who is super competitive and doesn’t like to get beat by my big sister, I know I have to watch out because she gets better and faster everyday and she’s coming for me! I love you Jules and I am super proud of you! KEEP GOING! (I might let you beat me eventually!) 😘 -Kellie”

Zach DunivanI wanted something that would push me. Natural State’s community and coaches can’t be beat! This place is great! I started crossfit 3 months ago and I have not been disappointed. I’m addicted!

Mike Whitby  I started Natural State 4 months ago. I was 200 pounds and way out of shape! My first day I could barely even do the warm up let alone the actual WOD. The people there are so awesome in helping me understand the movements and motivating me through the workouts. They even put my equipment away after the workout while I was passed out in the floor trying to breathe (Thanks Stu). I go Mon thru Friday to the 6am class and have only missed 1 day.

About a month and a half ago I decided it was time to fix my eating habits so Aaron Headley made me a meal plan to go by and checked in on me almost every day to keep me motivated and to help me understand how to eat clean. Today I am 164 pounds, down over 5% body fat,  I’m starting to RX the workouts, my recovery time is light years ahead of what it was and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon! The people and coaches here are second to none. You will not find a gym like this anywhere else in the world. Best decision I’ve ever made!    -Mike

Andy Lung

These results happened in just 60 DAYS!

Andy participated in our 60 Day Fat Loss Challenge and WON! He lost 19 lbs and 7% body fat.

When we asked what his recipe for success was, he said: “”Camaraderie. It’s the reason I show up to the gym, and it’s the reason I wanted to do the challenge to begin with. I wanted to push my friends to do well, and that motivated me to stick with eating right. Also, I did CrossFit every day. I ate meat and veggies, and I worked out at high intensity. Nothing I did was extreme or extraordinary, and just 60 days of minor changes in diet have me feeling fantastic. I’m making strides in the gym, and liking what I see in the mirror.” -Andy Lung

Jordan Ramm

“This is one of the hardest, most humbling posts I think I’ve ever made but, in the same breath the proudest. December 2017 I decided I was done being ashamed. Done being someone who settled. I pulled the blinders off and saw who I was at face value, overweight. I started eating clean, meat and vegetables, and doing crossfit 5-6 days a week, and watching what goes into my body. 60+ days later I’m down 22 lbs and 5% body fat; and up 2lbs of muscle. And I’ve never felt better. Consistency is key, do the work and the results will come. Can’t wait to see what the next 60 days hold!! #crossfitnaturalstate #weightlosstransformation #5starnutrition” -Jordan Ramm